North Ferriby Utd 1 Boston Utd 1 Fa Trophy 1st Rnd ( Dig your own Hole )

Ha ha late again Oliver ( must try Harder ) Apologies i had it wrote up this morning but just as im about to post the computer shut down and wiped it. Right here we go again Saturday Morning short train trip to Buckshaw too meet Calvin  whos driving again Eta Brough 13.00 hrs to have lunch with Jamie Lowe whos decided to come with us to this one. ( stupid Boy Pike ! ) sub zero temperatures had this non league novice panicking that the game would be played, The power of Twitter informed me that North Ferriby dont do Postponements underlining what ive said often before Non Leagues empthasis is to get the Game on and if one does fall foul it wont be for the want of trying let me tell you. We arrived at grange lane 2.30 ish got our programmes and bumped in to the match officals and one in particular Mr Micharl Salisbury todays Ref who just so happens to be Brad and Joels Calvins lads school Teacher . He said Joel had said hed see his Dad Saturday and was stunned me and Jamie arent cos weve become accustomed to Calvin having some form of connection at some ground or other lol im convinced some hot dog seller will reveal himself to be some relative or ex school or Uni Colleague at some stage. No sooner had we took position near the touchline tea bar we were underway i have to say the 1st 20 mins was a niggly affair and we couldnt help thinking there was previous between these two. Calvin commented that Mr Salisbury needs to book someone to stamp his authority on the game and calm the sides down.The first half was a bit non descript apart from Ferriby hitting the post . Boston upped the tempo in the 2nd half and i have to say Ferribys Tom Denton was well Marshalled by Bostons number 6 Carl Piergianni throughout . This was a tight game and i had thoughts of a replay on Tuesday night ,we tend not to mention this outcome in case we curse it . We needent have worried as on 67 mins Newsham scored for Boston who to be fair were just shading it in our opinion.But Ferriby were not to be outdone and Jamie Yates smacked the bar.We told Jamie in the Majority of games theres a turning point and this was no exception a trip in the area by Ferribys Hone rewarded Boston with a Penalty and with him being the last man he had to be sent off ,Mr Salisbury was a busy man and aquitted himself brilliantly.The resulting Penalty taken by Scott Garner was superbly saved by Nicklin in the Ferriby goal. And theres your Turning point the Ten Men put up a spirited final flurry and scored on 89 mins Kendall deseredly equalising for Ferriby Jamie was in raptures where me and Cal needed a goal any goal but it wasnt to be and to be fair a draw was a fair result Todays attendence was 321 and a decent coach load brought up by Boston swelled the numbers . So We have a Replay Tuesday at Love Street to Decide whos at Home to Hyde on January 10 thatll be interesting a couple of Norherners one a Manc in the Home end well see you Wednesday with my report cos this ones played to a finish on the night could we be dealt extra time and penaltys to decide this tie cos i cant seperate em .


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