Boston Utd 0 North Ferriby Utd 2 Fa Trophy 1st rnd Replay 16/12/14 ( The Bitterest Pill )

Late again but ive been ill of sorts raging toothache and a bit of man flu. Well the first game set us a right conundrum it Looked like Calvin couldnt make the replay with his wife Alisons work commitments. Thered be No one to look after his Lads so id spent most of Sunday Searching routes back to Manchester I couldnt escape Boston – Nottingham,Nottingham – Derby,Derby – Sheffield 1hr and Half stay and then Sheffield – Manchester arriving at 04.45 from 21.37 oh forgot to say has youve probably worked out getting to Bostons a doddle Mcr – Notts – Boston . Told Jo being back in Manc at 04.45 i might aswell go straight to work Her reply was whatever everyone knows your daft what you trying to prove ? youve been to the first game. Now Children thats not in the Equation The Trophy would not be complete OCD and all that lol so that was the plan . We Neednt have worried Calvin texted me Late on Sunday to Confirm a Neighbour Jake wrote himself in to Calvins next book as he agreed to Referee sorry look after Brad and Joel . Fantastic plans were made and id finish work at 3 and Calvin would pick me up from our house at 15.45 Tuesday we set off at 16.00 for the 300 mile round trip to York Street Boston.The Journey went without much delay other than the notorius jam on the A57 as we approached the Woodhed Pass . We only lost 10 -15 mins and arrived in Boston unscathed at 19.15 just enough time to get the Programmes and get something to eat before the Teams were out in the cold Night Air i said to Calvin^ could you imagine the cold in January for the next round if Boston win^.As ive said before theres no loved lost between these two and Bostons Fans are the same in their dislike of Ferriby . I think the Boston lot who were in the League not to long ago think they shouldnt be rubbing shoulders With the likes of Ferriby never mind being in the same division, The truth of the Matter be it for whatever reason They are And Should Get on With It. There were few chances in an Ill Tempered first half the 2 best chances falling to Bostons Tempest who hit a superb dipping volley which Nicklin in Ferribys goal produce a cracking save to keep it out.Just before half time Newsham hit an angled drive that was pushed away superbly again by the Ferriby keeper who is fast becomming a hero in this leg. Half Time 0-0 This was looking like Extra time and Penalties i told Calvin he nodded in agreement ,The 2nd half continued most the same niggly tit for tat and Boston constantly pumping the ball high up the middle with no effect . Its Funny how Boston had addopted Ferribys perceived approach lol it dosent always go route one to Tom Denton you know.And then on 72 minutes a Goal Boston you say not a chance Ferribys back 4 dealt with everything Boston threw at them and a long clearance found their left winger St Juste in space and he sped away to round Dixon in the Boston goal to score .Boston threw everything at Ferriby but served up the procession of high balls which Ferribys towering center halves aided by Tom Denton when needed swallowed up the ref even found 5 mins injury time to help Boston but they couldmt find the inpiration or nouce to penetrate Ferriby and it was the Visitors with sub Kendall scoring the 2nd and securing the tie and Hosting Hyde on Jan 10 . No such trouble arranging travel if there happens to be a draw lol.Right thats me done Just time to wish anyone whos reading this A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year RT Follow Share


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